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Recently, while giving a lesson the student said “Paul, I need to get into the lesson mode for my next lesson. What a great phrase, “Lesson Mode”.

I believe Lesson Mode is you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled lesson. We will gladly give you free range balls to help you loosen up. Bring along a folder for keeping lesson notes. Leave your cell phone in the car. Wear golf or tennis shoes. And finally plan on staying 15 minutes after the lesson and hit range balls to reinforce the ideas we discussed. When you get to your computer, watch the summary wrap-up of your lesson. I believe being in the lesson mode will make your lesson more productive.

In my opinion, students taking lessons hit one bad shot and take it too seriously. Quite often they will say, “What did I do to miss-hit that shot?” and half the time I respond, “I do not know”. The reason for my answer is I am always looking for shot patterns rather than just 1 miss-hit. Fixing one miss-hit shot is impossible; but, when a trend develops it is easier to diagnose the problem and solve it. Being in LESSON MODE means you are willing to practice between lessons. “Your effort equals your improvement”.

And finally, please feel free to ask questions or email me anytime you have a question or concern.