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Junior Instruction


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Better Athletes, Better People: Quote, “When you say “It’s hard”, it actually means “I’m not strong enough to fight for it”. Stop saying its hard…


When thinking about new clubs for their child, parents need to consider the following.

  • HEIGHT and CLUB LENGTH: The first step is to measure how tall the child is.  Club length will impact the player’s setup, posture and grip.
  • SHAFT FLEX: PLEASE do not just cut down adult clubs.  The shaft will become so rigid and the child will struggle getting the ball in the air.  At the early ages KIDS need the shaft to bend and help get the ball into the air.
  • LOFT: Kids will enjoy the game much more if they are getting the ball into the air on a regular basis.  Having additional (15 degrees or more) degrees of loft on their driver will help your child have more fun.
  • WEIGHT: Kids need clubs that are matched to their strength and swing speed.  A stronger child needs a club with more weight to help control their swing.
  • TYPE: In my opinion the best maker of junior clubs is  US KIDS GOLF

Wisconsin Golf Academy will fit your child to what is best for them.  1 FREE club with the purchase of 6.

  • Athlete to Golfer
  • Approach: Juniors are taught differently than adults
  • Areas of focus – full swingshort game – putting
  • Golf Course behavior
  • The Rules of Golf
  • Athletic Assessment and Development

Teaching Philosophy is based upon:

  • Titleist Performance Institute (, the world leader in junior golf development
  • US Kids Golf (

Classes will be held at Swing Time, Germantown

  • Private and group lessons are available
  • Classes are offered year round
  • Course materials are provided

I look forward to working with your boy or girl.

Paul Mindel