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I have been taking lessons from Paul Mindel for three years. I was 68 years old when I first met Paul. My handicap was 15 and I felt like I couldn’t get any better.  I told Paul I wanted to get to a single digit index and consistently shoot in the mid to upper 70’s.  Today my index is at 9 and I feel like I will continue to get better.

I have worked hard, but it has been Paul keeping me focused on the right track that has really helped me to improve.  Paul has a unique ability to analyze what I am doing or saying and then communicate what I need to do or understand by using examples. Many times these examples are in terms related to my lifestyle, former occupation, etc. I find this enjoyable and it seems to work well.

I feel Paul possesses all things necessary to successfully coach golfers of any skill level.  His knowledge and experience are excellent. His equipment and facilities are state of the art. He continually strives to provide his students with everything necessary for them to achieve their goals.  I highly recommend Paul to all golfers who are seriously looking for a coach that can help them improve their game.

Tom H  September 2017

Thanks for the great club fitting I received from you and the Taylor Made rep. While I wasn’t planning to replace everything in my bag, I’m glad I did. The M2s I purchased that day have helped me improve my game more than I thought possible. After I got used to hitting clubs substantially farther and quite a bit straighter than I was used to, I had a memorable golfing year. My handicap has gone down several strokes (I’m now breaking 80 with regularity), won the long drive contest at the club, and made my 1st hole in one.

Rick – September 2017

We have 2 grandchildren ages 11 and 13. With the exception of miniature golf, they did not golf before their lessons with Paul Mindel.  He started with basic swings, stances, and attitudes.  Paul has a very positive philosophy in teaching kids and adults.  The kids learned how to stand, grip the club, address the ball, bend, swing, and follow-through.  This was in the first several lessons and each week they learned a new skill to add to the previous lesson.  The atmosphere is very relaxed with many positive sayings, words, and funny quips. Paul has the latest equipment and videos to reinforce the learning process.  We are at the lessons each week and watch the instruction with them. We have seen the kids grow in skill and confidence and they always ask how long until the next lesson.

J and G       Germantown, Wisconsin – September 2017

Excellent teacher. I will use this session to gain mobility by doing the exercises suggested. I will also work on my “finished” swing by doing the maneuvers by stretching left leg on follow thru and release right foot to point left of center allowing me to turn more freely.

Patti  – April 2017